About the UCTRF

The UCTRF is a ‘savings plan’ constructed by the Employer to help you save for retirement.  Every month your Employer pays a percentage of your salary into the UCTRF on your behalf, which will earn returns for you to use when you have retired and are no longer earning a salary. In addition to providing Retirement Benefits, there is also Risk Cover that is paid for out of the contributions made to the UCTRF.

You have the option to receive your Accumulated Retirement Savings as a cash benefit on resignation, dismissal or retrenchment (subject to tax). For more information on your options at retirement, please see the Retirement section.

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The UCTRF is a Defined Contribution fund. 

Membership of the UCTRF

If you are a permanent employee of the University of Cape Town, UCT Food Services Company (Pty) Ltd t/a Food & Connect, the Cape Higher Education Consortium or the Tertiary Education and Research Network of South Africa; or an employee with whom a contract for permanent employment with the Employer has been concluded, irrespective of the end date of such contract, you will automatically become a member of the UCTRF on appointment. 

Please Note: Membership is obligatory and a condition of employment.

Who owns the UCTRF?

The UCTRF is a separate legal entity.  This means that it does not belong to the Employer or the Administrator. 

Registration Number

The UCTRF is registered with the FSCA.  The FSCA registration number is 12/8/31582.

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