Accumulated Retirement Funds

Your benefit in the UCTRF is referred to as your Accumulated Retirement Savings

This is made up of:

Infographic detailing the retirement savings composition: includes total contributions, deducts administration fees and premiums, adds transfers from prior funds, and adjusts for investment returns, which may vary  Infographic showing deductions from retirement savings: payments to ex-spouses per divorce orders and defaulted housing loan amounts secured by the member's retirement savings.

Notice: According to Section 37D of the Pensioner Funds Act, deductions may be made from your retirement savings before benefits are disbursed.

These include:

Tax on the benefit   Infographic highlighting outstanding housing loans secured by members' combined Retirement Savings as surety   Arrear maintenance payments awarded via a court order 

Infographic displaying amounts awarded to an ex-spouse via a Divorce Order not previously paid   Infographic detailing losses due to employee fraud or theft, with either admitted liability or judicial judgement against the employee.

These amounts will be deducted proportionately from the Vested Share and the Non-Vested Share of your benefit.



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