Family Funeral Benefits

The high costs of arranging a funeral can put financial strain on the loved ones of the person who has passed on. Family Funeral Cover helps to ease this burden by paying out a lump sum to help cover the costs of a funeral or memorial service for your immediate family.

The voluntary family cover is available to all members of the UCTRF as well as their spouses and children.

You and your spouse* and children* are covered in the event of death for the amounts below. Please refer to your HR office for a cost breakdown.

Covered Person

Lump Sum Benefit

Main member

R30 000


R30 000

Child (age 14 – 21 years)

R30 000

Child (age 6 – 13 years)

R15 000

Child (age 2 – 5 years)

R7 500

Child (under 2 years, including stillborn)

R7 500

*See below for the definition of Spouse and Child.

This benefit is not taxed.


Please note that certain exclusions may apply to your family funeral cover.

For more information regarding the exclusions on the Family Funeral Benefit, please click here.

What if I don't want or need this cover?

The cost of this cover is deducted from your UCTRF contribution.

If you don’t want this cover you can “opt out” by completing the Family Funeral Cover “Opt Out” for UCTRF members (HR213). You can find this on the Forms page.

You have 30 days from the date of joining the UCTRF to submit this form.  If you do not complete the form you will automatically be covered for this benefit.

The savings in the premium will be credited to your Accumulated Retirement Savings. (Please refer to your HR office for a cost breakdown.)

It is important to note the following:

  • You have the opportunity to opt in or out on 1 July each year.
  • If you opt out and then opt back in, there will be a waiting period and you will not be able to claim for the first 6 months after opting back in.
  • This 6-month waiting period does not apply to death as a result of an accident.

When does this benefit cease?

Cover will cease when you “opt out”, the last day of the month in which you reach age 70 or when you leave the service of the Employer (whichever happens first).


Only one spouse can be insured at a time and only one spouse’s claim is allowed in the period from 1 March to end February each year. To qualify for cover, a spouse must be one of the following:



“Child” refers to any biological child, stepchild or adopted child of the member. Children are covered if they:


Funeral support service

In addition to the cash benefit payment, you, your spouse and dependent children have access to a range of free Funeral Support Services. These include:

  • Transport of the deceased, accompanied by one relative, from anywhere in the world to the funeral home closest to the place of burial in South Africa or neighbouring countries*
  • Assistance and advice on claims procedures
  • Legal assistance regarding funeral procedures, (eg. death certificate, removal of body, etc.)
  • Advice on the handling of all necessary documentation, (e.g. death certificate and cross-border documentation)
  • Assistance with finding a tombstone provider
  • Referral to reputable funeral homes, undertakers and pathologists if required


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