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The importance of a Last Will and Testament

A helpful article from our financial advisors.


Retirement Funds rate TEN out of TEN!

There are so many good reasons to prioritise saving in the Fund. Find out more about why you should maximise your Fund contributions today!


What does it take to retire early?

Is it a realistic option, and what should you consider before doing so?


An update on the Two-Pot Proposal

To find out more about Treasury’s proposal to defer the implementation of the two pot system to September 2024, and to increase the once-off withdrawal amount, please read this article.


Cut your car’s costs

Practical tips to reduce insurance premiums.


National Wills Week 2023

From 11 - 15 September, participating attorneys will draft basic wills FREE OF CHARGE. Use this opportunity to ensure that your affairs are in order, and that your assets are protected.


Steer clear of suspicious schemes and scams

There are many criminals out there who want to get their hands on your money. Here's how to spot a scam before it's too late.


Where are we at with the two-pot system?

There has been a lot of discussion in the media about updates to the proposed 'two-pot' retirement system. Here are the facts.


Investing is NOTHING like gambling

Your investment strategy should be carefully planned and considered - exactly the opposite of gambling.


Ways to cope with rising costs

It's getting difficult to keep afloat financially, but there are a few ways to ease the pressure.


What is longevity risk?

Understand it, and know how to prevent it from damaging your future financial security.


What lies ahead for the retirement fund industry?

There has been a lot of discussion in the media about the proposed 'two-pot' retirement system. Here are the facts.



Make the most of tax rebates

There are lots of completely legal ways to cut back on the tax you pay – here’s how.


The national budget and what it means for you

Everything you need to know about changes and updates to the country's budget, explained simply and graphically.


Dealing with life on a reduced income

Many of us are experiencing the fact that our salaries are not keeping up with inflation. Here are some tips to help you cope.


What lies ahead for the retirement fund industry?

There has been a lot of discussion in the media about the proposed 'two-pot' retirement system. Here are the facts.



Your Last Will & Testament

During your lifetime, you will build up assets and liabilities, which will form part of your estate. Your Last Will and Testament will determine how your assets and liabilities are handled when you pass away.

National Wills Week 2022

From 12 - 16 September, participating attorneys will draft basic wills FREE OF CHARGE. Use this opportunity to ensure that your affairs are in order, and that your assets are protected.
The cost of early retirement

Are you considering taking early retirement? If so, there are some very important factors to consider first, to ensure that you live comfortably through your golden years.
Saving for your children’s education

It’s vital to begin investing in your children’s education as early in their lives as possible. Let’s discuss some practical ways to achieve this.
Retirement planning and your life expectancy

When planning for your retirement, it is essential to think about how long you and your spouse or partner may live, even though this is a difficult concept to grasp.
Have you updated ALL your Beneficiaries?

Do you know that you might have multiple benefits for which you need to nominate Beneficiaries? Let’s discuss Fund Death Benefits, Employer Death Benefits and Funeral Benefits.
Unclaimed benefits in the retirement industry

Every year, pension boards and legislative bodies sit with millions of rands in unclaimed benefits. According to the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA), 4.5 million South Africans have unclaimed benefits, to the value of R44.9 billion.
The race to retirement

Preparing for retirement is like preparing for one of the longest marathons of our lives. Plan well in order to finish the race in the time you hope, and with the results you envisioned.
National Wills Week 2021

From 13 - 17 September, participating attorneys will draft basic wills FREE OF CHARGE. Use this opportunity to ensure that your affairs are in order, and that your assets are protected.
Adjust your attitude, adjust your bank balance

Our attitude towards handling money is often subconscious, but it still affects our financial decisions. Being mindful of your Money Attitude can help you save smarter for the future.
Simple financial tips for kids

Some of our most consistent financial habits our shaped by the relationship we have with money as children. Here are simple steps to teach children about money and saving.
Tips for first-time home owners

If you’re considering buying your first home because the property market is booming, consider these important points to note before signing on the dotted line.
The 2021 National Budget

The past year has been a rocky road for all global economies, but there is always hope. Find out what is contained in the 2021 National Budget and how it may affect you.
Annuitisation of Provident Funds

Some very important changes are hitting the retirement fund landscape on 1 March 2021. Let's look at the main changes, their impact on your savings, and some frequently asked questions.

Click here for a helpful video explanation.

Click here for an infographic summary.
5 ways to make the most out of Compound Interest

Understand why compound interest is one of the often-neglected gold mines of the financial world. 

The Psychology Behind Risk and Investing Pt 2

In this article, we help you with recognise some more of the psychological biases that could be influencing your financial and investment decisions.
5 Ways to save Tax in Retirement

Tax plays an important role in planning towards retirement and in retirement. We look at practical ways to ensure that you have enough provisions for retirement, in spite of tax.
The Psychology Behind Risk and Investing

In this article, we take a look at the psychology behind risk and investing, in order to help you understand the ways in which emotions can affect good decision-making.

Hands off my pension

In recent commentary the ANC has said the party is moving away from the term “prescribed assets” as economic policy and to rather finding ways to unlock South Africa’s pensions to assist with the country’s infrastructure goals.

National Wills Week 2020

During this week, participating attorneys will draft basic wills free of charge. Find out how to take part.

Money tips for single parents

Let's take a look at some simple ways for single parents to regain control of their finances, involve their children in money management and keep up with the changing digital landscape.

Rethinking Retirement

People are starting to live well into their 90s and 100s, requiring us to reconsider our traditional views around retirement. 

Top Financial Management Apps

Managing your finances for the long-term can be an intimidating task. These four financial management apps were designed to make money matters a breeze for you.

Investments: Is it worth it to follow the herd?

Group mentality can be very tempting for you as an investor. Protect yourself from making big investment mistakes by remembering these important tips.

Practical financial literacy tips for kids

You can equip your children with the knowledge and skills they to be money-wise. Consider these important points when preparing your children for a healthy financial future.

Should you take financial advice from loved ones?

Taking financial advice from family and friends can be risky business. Find out how to filter through information in order to make the best possible choices.

COVID-19 - Staying safe and informed

Find reliable resources and important information to help you stay safe and informed. It's vital to plan wisely and remain focused on your long-term goals.

Remove threats to your investment strategy

Having and sticking to a budget is a vital step in saving and growing your money. Its simplicity often hides its importance and impact.

Wealth isn’t just about income

Building wealth is more about the choices you make with the money you have. Find out how to cultivate healthy financial habits with long-term benefits.

Question your financial advisor

Many planners are tied to companies that sell financial products, so you cannot assume you will get unconflicted investment advice.

Five tips for staying on top of credit

January is a great time to start working on managing and clearing your credit. Find out how to reduce your debts and avoid unnecessary penalties.
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