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When can I switch?            

  • You can switch between these portfolios at any time either online or by completing the investment switching documentation required by the Administrator.
  • In every 12-month period beginning on 1 July, you are permitted one investment switch without any charge.  If you switch more than once per period, an administration fee (currently R637 VAT inclusive, but reviewed from time to time) will be debited from your Accumulated Retirement Savings . (You can change where your Future Contributions are invested without having to pay a fee.)

What choices do I have?

Your retirement savings in the UCTRF consist of two parts, namely:

Contributions made to your Combined Retirement Savings.  Ongoing contributions made towards your retirement savings.

You can choose separately how you want to invest:

  Your Combined Retirement Savings   Future Contributions

You can choose between the Capital Preservation Portfolio, Balanced Portfolio and/or Shari’ah Compliant Balanced Portfolio. Expressed another way, the choice for past retirement savings can be different to that for your Future Contributions.

For example, you could invest your Accumulated Retirement Savings in the Capital Preservation Portfolio and split your Future Contributions equally between the Capital Preservation and Balanced Portfolios.

What happens when I do not exercise a choice when I join?

If you don't exercise a choice when joining the UCTRF, your retirement saving contributions will automatically be defaulted so that it is invested in accordance with the Life Stage Model.


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