What happens to my UCTRF membership during the period I receive a disability income benefit?

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Importantly, you remain a member of the UCTRF whilst you are in receipt of a disability income benefit.

For the purposes of the UCTRF benefits your DPA at the date you became disabled will be increased by 7% p.a. (or inflation if less than 7% p.a.).

This means that if you were to die, your dependants would be entitled to a death benefits described above based on your DPA. Should you retire, you will be entitled to the Retirement Benefits also described above.

This means that the Employer will continue to pay contributions to the UCTRF whilst you are receiving a disability income benefit. The UCTRF will credit your Accumulated Retirement Savings with the same percentage contribution based on your Deemed Pensionable Amount (DPA) as for working members.

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