When can I change my death benefits?

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Members may reduce their death benefit every year during the period between 1 September and 1 November, but the total death benefit of a member may not be less than 4 times annual DPA.

If you elect to reduce your death cover in this way, then your Accumulated Retirement Savings will be credited with an Additional Contribution

Members will receive communication relating to reducing their death benefit with their benefit statements each year.

Can I increase my death cover at a later stage?

Yes. You can increase your cover again each year during the period between 1 September and 1 November or if the number of people dependent on you increases. If you want to increase your death cover at any other time, the Insurer with whom the UCTRF has insured the cover will ask you to undergo a medical examination so that it can assess whether you are in good health.  The cost of this will be for your own account.


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