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The UCTRF will provide you with an annual benefit statement to ensure that you are informed about your retirement savings in the UCTRF. Information is also provided to help you understand how the UCTRF operates, the benefits and services it offers, and the Risk Cover that you may have.

In addition:

You can request your latest value on Sanlam’s WhatsApp Self Service Channel (0861 223 646) - click here for details
You may view you values on the Sanlam Corporate Member Site - scroll down for the guide and link

What does Sanlam Corporate do? 

Sanlam Corporate is the UCTRF's Administrator.  This means that it is their responsibility to ensure all the contributions are received from the Employer on a monthly basis, contributions are invested on time, any fees are paid, and members are paid when they leave the UCTRF.  To see their contact details, please go to Contact us. 

Sanlam Corporate Member Site

Sanlam has a fully interactive member website to allow members to take ownership of their own retirement provision. 
View the instructional on video on how to register here:

If you are busy registering and need any assistance, please contact the contact centre on 0861 223 646.

On the Sanlam Corporate Member Site, you will have the following functionality:




Sanlam's interactive member website

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